Hyderabad, IN

February 16, 2012


Today I am going to tell you something that I never did in college and now I enjoy doing this. We call it here JAM Session while we were in college; we used to call it English Lab. We had 10 classes of English lab in college days and as I remember, I had attended not more than 5. The reason was, I never felt comfortable in addressing people by going on to the stage. So, I used to bunk the classes.

One day, I got caught in this event and there was an extempore kind of thing. We had to speak something about any topic, which was chosen randomly for about 2 minutes. I went to the dais and my topic was hole. At that time, nothing came in my mind; I was unable to speak even one sentence. I asked my teacher to give me another topic, but she refused. Then, I stood there for about 2 minutes and then I refused to speak. But my teacher was not ready to let me go. I stood there while other people spoke. After few minutes she asked me again, I said no again. Then she asked me to write about it and then read it in front of all. I tried to do that, but nothing was coming in my mind. I mean what I could have told about hole, such a silly topic it was. Finally the time for the lab was over and I was asked to speak in next lab. But for next lab I was not available :).

I always stayed away from stages, public speaking kind of thing. Not even formal ones like technical presentation. However, I gave presentation on my project, 2 times, one seminar (just because, one of my very close friend, insisted me to) and I did not appear in one of my presentation. This was my college life.

Now, when I came here (job), in training we do a JAM (just a minute session). Every one has to speak for one minute; however, some people speak for 4-5 minutes and some for 30 seconds. In first round, I did my best to delay my appearance on stage, and I succeeded too. I was the last person in the class to speak. But then, when I spoke, I saw smiles on many faces, many people laughed too when I tried to make them laugh. And after speaking I felt a little confident.

I have heard people speaking about these things, that it takes practice, and one day you will not hesitate to speak in front of people. Now I realize that they say it right. On my next two visit to the stage, I spoke something related to one of my favorite book and reservation policy in India. Few of my colleagues really liked what I said. I felt really happy.

Now I wait for my turn eagerly, since I have spoken today, my next chance is going to come after at least a week :(.

Will be here soon

3 thoughts on “JAM

  1. LOL. That was a good to know and still JAM session. I still prefer then earlier idea. Don’t speak unless its necessary ;)

    Hope you doing Well !!!


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