an open letter to indian media


Dear Indian Media,

I WILL START with complaining about the worst habit that you have, I don’t know from where you have learned this but it is ridiculous. Why do you keep popularizing the things which are not worth, or by keeping something in shadows. I have examples to prove. I want you to ask a simple question. Do you think you are the easiest and simplest tool available to make someone famous very famous even thought they do not deserve to be? And if someone tries to do that, why don’t you justify? Why do you behave like an immature child who wants that ice-cream no matter what may be the consequence, why do you notice only one side of the story? You cannot deny this fact, that the main thing that you want is the popularity. Do you telecast, leave some exceptional case which is general news, some controversial news with both aspects? No you don’t you never tried to see what’s behind the curtain and always showed the part which grows popular inadvertently.  Here are few examples in which you have failed to do so.

THE FIRST ONE had to come from Formula one. You kept telling news about Sahara Force India One (SFIO) and their drivers. Did you take even 1% care of Narain Karthikeyan with respect to SFIO? Does it matter what position Narain do have in F1, he is the first person from India who participated in F1. He made this country proud, by registering IND in that circuit. And don’t tell me that he hasn’t got any success yet, because neither SFIO has done it. SFIO has also failed to finish even in top 5. More than that; compare the publicity you gave to Sania Mirza with respect to this boy and Saina Nehwal. Why does the world no 4 (best ranking: world number 2) has just one Sunfeast ad while our very beloved Sania Mirza who has played hundreds of tournament and won not more than 5 singles events have loads of advertisement. I believe you are behind this. You did not care to talk about Narain Krthikeyan, neither did you about Saina Nehwal. I bet not even 10% people have knowledge about Saina and Narain when you’ll compare it with the numbers about Sania Mirza.

SECOND IS ABOUT our country’s pride Mr NR Narayan Murthy. He spoke some good and valuable, which is up to a large extent true. And then our young youth icon, Mr Chetan Bhagat, author of some bollywood masala mix novels, spoke some ridiculously insulting words to one of most honored person of India (read more here). And look what you did, you caught the thing that was thrown by NRN and organized a bunch of owner/faculty of some coaching institute and started a debate. I mean how on the earth those people will accept the truth. And to make your point stronger you gave a mic to Chetan Bhagat and sent him to a group of student on the road to discuss things. Though this was done by one of the news channels but almost all other news channels did same. No one cared about how insulting (personally) comment was made by Chetan Bhagat, rather they kept talking about what NRN said.

THIS IS LIST almost unending but I will finish with this one. It is about the controversy of Controversially Yours. Who didn’t know the fact that what Shoaib Akhtar said was wrong, there is no point of doubt about Sachin Tendulkar with respect to what Shoaib told. I know every other person in India was supporting Sachin. Does this fact stop you to telecast a good justified program of half an hour to tell the people that what Shoaib said was wrong? Did you even care about that, I mean you have lots of useless and worthless programs on TV, why didn’t you just made a show in which you could have done a good analysis. Instead you kept taking interviews of Shoaib and showing what crowd is doing out there to prove him wrong. What is your role? Is it to discuss about the topic as a responsible medium or just to ignore something and follow the crowd to get some good TRP?

ALMOST ALL THE news especially controversial ones that you show, you are responsible to tag them as controversial by making them one. While you have the ability to make something good out of bad, I mean you have all the resources, go do some good research and present what’s best for a responsible citizen. I think that is the meaning of media.

Yours truly,

A not-so-fan of the masala that you present

29 thoughts on “an open letter to indian media

  1. Media doesn’t show what is happening around. They want show what they feel would boost their TRP. Sad thing, Competition in Media is going to ridiculous heights.
    Good topic to write on, at the moment. Nicely done.

    • Yes, I was looking for some topics like this and this F1 happened and it reminded me of Karthikeyan.

      Thanks for your appreciation.

  2. I would say the competition in the media has turned out to be a killer than a boon. While do have news channels who at least to a little extend focus on the news, most of them are just visual tabloids and paparazzi’s.And sadly even those little proportion of channels are moving the other way in the fear of TRPs

  3. Even you’ll see star plus classic updates on news channels ..Wtf yr! :D

    Its hilarious n shameful too when they exaggerate the nothingness to something worth knowing!eeediiots :D

    • have a point that I hate most about news channel, but could not write about it because of the increasing length. Thanks for mentioning it.

  4. Great post! It is pathetic to see the news channels projecting frivolous news as breaking ones every few minutes and diverting the attention from the real stuff! They are just shouting out “We want a higher TRP than our competitors”, everyone… the aam janta can see it! It’s high time, they realized this!!!

  5. I agree with the others..crazy competition is making the media very irresponsible..There is a very blurred line between what actually happens and what we are made to believe..

  6. I fully agree for the truth that now a days the major motive of media is ….higher TRP rather than giving the exact news to the common man….sometimes only one side of the coin is shown which develops an ambiguous concept for the issue which should not be….

  7. i think this is the high time that Govt should come with some regulation for control over the media and stop them from making “Breaking News” out of nothing…..but again how the Govt can do that bcoz at times even they use media for their propaganda activities…..
    moreover “JO BIKTAA HAI WO DIKHTAA HAI” and they are here to earn money only by any means..

    BTW came here through Chintan’s blog and genuinely happy to be here…:)

  8. very well said buddy… its like those who have enough money can very well use media for their fame… Those who have real talents are forgotten…

  9. Lorem Js,

    Good to know that you are having a lots of time to watch tv soaps and news.

    Since they are doing the same thing over a long period of time. Now they became expert in adding “faltu” spices in the NEWS.

    Thanks for writing this and it should reach the presentation media who are doing these things.

    Ankit Kumar

    • In fact no, I do not watch those thing too much..I just listen what happens in other room :)

      And I would really like to thank you for spending your time here from you busy schedule :)

  10. This is the job of the media now. To keep TRPs and other ratings high to ensure the money keeps coming in. Plus, most editors and high authorities of the media are hand-in-glove with some notorious personalities constantly trying to project them in positive light in the audience. True, ethics and morals seem lost in the media these days…

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